SamBroxton built and published this site
Hi, My name is SamBroxton I am a  visual artist  who combines both traditional and much newer techniques and media to produce my creative works. I began using the term UltraModernArt to describe my work as early as 1992 when I graduated from college. I was looking for a nomenclature which suggested a movement which had progressed beyond ‘postmodernism’  and the stutterable ‘post-postmodernism’ phrase. Then I felt UltraModernArt  described the things I used( like fluorescent acrylics, MDF, quick drying varnish, rechargeable battery operated drills, silver and gold gel pens,) as well as the  new avant–garde nature of my work and the radical thoughts I had about it, like my  21st Century Harlequin and the single coloured chess set )and about life. I got my first real computer as a hand me down which ran windows 93, later  I upgraded to a 7gb (wow-so small)hard drive in 96. Now a few up grades later I am using AMD X6 with HD graphics. MY sphere of methods, rather than changing, have increased and include scanning, foam board modelling, pronounced use of graphic software like painter and coreldraw. I have also ventured into video poems( Sea Poem 1) and computer animation. Today where work can be reproduced in print at the touch of a button or shown as an upload in a virtual sim, I think the application of UltraModernArt is evermore appropriate (more people than ever are using it). I am proud to have been there at the inaugural moments of its usage in respect of art and design.
This is an experimental site which is continuing to be built Please come back to see the changes